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Thank you for considering as a partner. We strive to make an interactive, dynamic, and fun community that is accessible to anyone with an Internet connection.

Our content is focused on positive stories, local events, and community organizations. We also celebrate the unique, and wonderful people of Austin. While we occasionally cover breaking news, our site primarily features key info on how to get the most out of Austin and stories about its promising future. That unique disposition is why we believe our audience has responded so enthusiastically to, fueling its tremendous growth.

Since going online in July, 2014, our site has grown from under 50k views/yr to being on track to earn more than four million views from over a million visitors, growing around 250% per year.

Our social following is growing even faster, nearly tripling year over year. So far in 2016, our Facebook reach alone has exceeded 10 million, garnering more than 1 million post likes.

Our absolute best-possible domain name and best-possible Twitter handle @Austin are trusted as authoritative resources about all things related to the city of Austin.

Audience’s largest audience is from AustinFolks in Houston, Dallas, and San Antonio are also interested in our site. Finally, proving Austin has national appeal, there are plenty of visitors from New York, L.A., and Chicago.

Austin makes up half of our Top Ten visitor locationsCity Stats

30 percent of the people who see our content are between the ages of 25 and 34. A further 24 percent are between 35-44.

51 percent of the audience are men, and 49 percent are women.

80 percent of the audience browse the site with mobile devices.

50 percent of the traffic comes from Facebook.


Audience Interests

Source: Google

Search Engines ranks sixth of all search engine results in queries for the term “Austin,” just behind the City of Austin, Wikipedia, and our local Convention and Visitor’s Bureau. As a result of such high accumulated relevance in search, outranks all of Austin’s local media websites for this and related Austin search terms. also ranks for nearly 13,000 additional keywords, and we’re adding more every day of the week.

Top search terms include “Austin,” “things to do in Austin,” “what’s happening in Austin today,” “Torchy’s secret menu,” “homes in Austin,” and “Austin news.” 

Social Audience

Total Followers: 63,000
Peak Weekly Reach: 7.7 million
Growth: 1,500+ followers/week on Facebook is followed by over 38,000 people, and about half of them live in Austin.

  • Weekly reach has exceeded 1.2 million.
  • 65 percent of the audience are women and about 35 percent are men.
  • 29 percent are between the ages of 25-34.
  • 28 percent are between the ages 35-44.
  • Growing 500-800 per week.

Here’s a sample post that achieved high reach and a significant number of interactions…

Our second Facebook account, That’s #SoAustin, focuses on tourism and travel much more than the primary account seen above. It is followed by over 25,000 people, and around 15 percent live in Austin.

  • Weekly reach has exceeded 6.5 million, usually due to viral content promoting Austin’s most popular cultural exports.
  • 60 percent of the audience are men and about 40 percent are women.
  • 25 percent are between the ages of 45-54.
  • 25 percent are between the ages of 55-64.
  • Growing at 400-700+ per week.

Here’s a post that reached over 9 million people, ultimately getting viewed by 3.2 million, 78,000 of whom shared it…

Twitter: @Austin on Twitter is followed by over 15,000 people, growing 200-400 per week.

Instagram: @AustinDotCom on Instagram is followed by over 1,500 people, growing 50-100 per week.

Ad Types Available

Six display ads are placed on every page, two are above the fold. They are comprised of the following sizes:

  • 300 x 250 square
  • 970 x 90 banner
  • 768 x 90 leaderboard

Sitewrap/background ads (1920 x 1080) are available on a limited basis.

Additionally, we also offer limited sponsored native content. Here’s one of our first sponsored posts, created in house. And here’s a post one of our clients created and placed on the site.

Finally, we also have several ways to promote stories across the website and social media, ensuring high visibility. We can make stories “sticky” atop a category or on our front page for a set period of time. We can categorize your post such that it gets shared on our social media accounts a set number of times within a date range you specify. We’re even able to run Facebook promotions on behalf of sponsors, which can ensure we hit almost any targeted audience level within Austin, Texas.

No matter what your advertising goals may be, we can customize a package of options to exceed your expectations. We look forward to producing dynamite results on your behalf.

Thank you

If you have any further questions, please contact Publisher David Wieland at or 312.857.8380. Thank you again for considering as a partner.

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