- November 5, 2018

Meatless Monday Austin.com Picks

Arlo’s for Late Night Comfort Food

If your Monday night has you out late, whether for a movie or a live show downtown, if you find yourself really craving a classic burger and fry combo, Arlo’s is the place to stop. This food trailer maintains a simple menu with limited options so that they can do each and every one of them really well. Each menu item is 100% plant based, but once you bury your face into their version of a bacon cheeseburger, you’ll forget how healthy and harmless vegan eating can be. Add a side of fries, tots, or sweet potato fries to your burger (or tacos) and you’ll be enjoying a nice food coma soon. Cheer Up Charlie’s and The Grackle locations are open on Mondays (you can also find them at Spiderhouse on other days).

Breakfast Tacos at Curra’s

Start your Meatless Monday off with a really, really filling and satisfying Mexican food plate at Curra’s. There you’ll find the answer to your search for a really good breakfast taco that leaves you and your meat cravings satisfied.. Their veggie chorizo goes great as a sub for meat on any taco combination that you can think of, without giving you the greasy guilt that comes with the meat version. Migas and chilaquiles also make for great breafast choices. Bonus: try the veggie moletes for an appetizer with the veggie chorizo subbed in, and don’t forget their specialty avocado margarita while you’re there. If it’s a little too early for booze, their Oaxacan coffee will help wake you up!

Popcorn Tofu Po Boy at Wheatsville Deli

Popcorn tofu is one of those food items that are basically worth their weight in gold. When you stuff them inside a sub roll and add a bunch of yummy veggies and sauces, well, you’ve got one of the most satisfying sandwiches around. Grab a bag of chips and a drink from the coolers, and you’re all set. It’s a great “fast food” option, and what’s even better is while you’re waiting for your sandwich you can check out the nearby hot bar or the grab and go cooler to pick up something quick for dinner or tomorrow’s lunch. They’ve also got a Meatless Monday special — a plant based burger bar — from 5 to 8 p.m. every Monday.

Veggie Ramen at Ramen Tatsuya

After a couple of years of being in business, winning awards and managing lengthy lines of noodle-hungry visitors, Ramen Tatsuya finally got the memo that the veggie ramen needed to be moved from the specials menu to the permanent menu. The soy and mushroom broth in this bowl is given just as much love and attention as the pork broths on the rest of the menu, all complemented with yummy veg-friendly ingredients like brussels sprouts, corn, menma, tofu, and mushrooms. Kick it up a notch by adding a spicy bomb or fill your bowl even fuller with additional toppings.

P Terry’s Veggie Burger Makes for a Great Drive-Thru Option

Like the other entries on this list, P Terry’s Burger Stand is a locally grown brand, but unlike the other entries, it can be found in almost every part of town. There are 15 locations throughout the Austin area, some with indoor and patio seating, all with drive-thrus (except the downtown location), making for a quick and easy meal or late night indulgence. This veggie burger is a bit different from your regular frozen patty, as these guys are all handmade and covered in a special sauce. It’s one of those that even meat lovers order when they visit. And while their fries aren’t the most classic of shapes (they can be a little floppy), they still manage to be incredibly delicious thanks to the fact that they’re fresh and hand cut. Add a lemonade on a hot day or one of their specialty milkshakes if you really want to fill up!

Bouldin Creek Cafe

More than just a restaurant, more than just a coffee shop, Bouldin is a staple in the Austin veg community. A great veggie meal for any time of the day is definitely at Bouldin Creek Cafe, but breakfast is definitely something special here, especially for vegans. Whatever you order, the spicy pesto is a must try (it comes as an appetizer, as well as an add-on ingredient). And they’ve got plenty of delicious coffee options to go along with any order.

Mother’s Cafe & Garden

Austin vegetarians have been eating healthy, classic veg fare at Mother’s Cafe since 1980. It’s where meatless college kids take their parents for a nice afternoon. Though we’re not a huge fan of the salad for vegetarians stereotype, go ahead and order a side salad so you can try their famous cashew tamari dressing (and take a bottle home with you) to go along with their incredibly ooey, gooey spinach lasagna (yes, there’s a vegan version, too).

Citizen Eatery

Vegans and vegetarians may feel like they have to give up truly Texas staples like barbecue and tacos, but at Citizen Eatery, that’s just not the case. With a meticulously sourced menu to ensure that ingredients are healthy, this plant-based restaurant serves up vegan queso, BBQ “pulled plant” sandwiches, chik’n tacos, and much more, along with a great cocktail menu.

Counter Culture

At Counter Culture, everything is vegan… “for the animals, for the earth, and for you.” Though the menu isn’t huge, it offers options for people with dietary restrictions like raw diets and gluten-free. That includes brunch and desserts that include donut holes, cheezecake, and ice cream. They even have a kid’s menu for the pint sized vegans.