- July 18, 2017

Mean Jolene’s New Single ‘Sick Obsession’ Is Very Aptly Named


Standing alongside the indie music scene in Austin is surf rock. And while there are a few bands that root themselves in the genre, Mean Jolene is the one that sticks out the most. The band is fronted by Jolie Cota Fink on bass, and she is joined by three male band mates – drummer Adam Sharp, lead guitarist Will Glosup, and Ben Seligson on guitar and vocals to back her up, giving the band a nice balance between light and punchy.

Mean Jolene released their latest record, Salty, at the end of last year, along with the single “Sick Obsession,” a track that feels like pure energy while adding of a sugary pop sound that adds excitement to the song. With a sound that rings of constant infectiousness and memorable talent, Mean Jolene is a band that Austinites should keep an eye on.

Listen to “Sick Obsession” below.

Featured photo: Mean Jolene

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