May The 4th Be With You, Austin! Star Wars Events Around Town

It used to be that hardcore Star Wars fans were relegated to the science-fiction corners of the geek community by more mainstream moviegoers. Those fans – myself included – read fan fiction, collected memorabilia and could be found on any given Friday night engaging in cosplay in basements and parks across the nation. We even had our own holiday called Star Wars Day, which took place on May 4th -apocryphally because George Lucas intended the pun “May the Fourth be with You”. In reality, someone somewhere thought the clever turn of phrase would be the secret handshake we all needed in a world before the existence of the Internet. We celebrated in a myriad of ways, finding those -then few – like ourselves with whom to share our love of this great epic.

Star Wars Day is no longer in the shadows. Since at least 2012, it has been celebrated by mainstream society as a pop-cultural holiday worthy of gifts and even greeting cards. On May 4th, people all over the world embrace their inner child and celebrate Star Wars Day in a variety of unique and interesting ways.  Star Wars Day 2017 is particularly exciting as it is book-ended by two new releases: Rogue One – the stand-alone film released last year; and the latest installment to the main saga- The Last Jedi, set for release this December.

It’s True. All of It

Austinites have no shortage of activities and events to choose from this May 4th. Below is a list of places you can go; things you can do; people you can be with – dressed as Han Solo (RIP) if you want to.

Gungans Just Wanna Have Fun!

  • Where: Elysium | 705 Red River
  • When: May 4th | 9:30 PM
  • What: Drinking, debauchery, pop-up shops

May the Fourth Be with You Quiz

  • Where: Fado Irish Pub | 214 West 4th Street
  • When: May 4th | 7:00 PM
  • What: Come with a team, compete for cash prizes ($200 first place)

Second Annual May the 4th Be With Y’all

  • Where: C-Boy’s Heart and Soul  |2008 South Congress
  • When: May 4th | 5:00 PM
  • What: Benefiting Ronald McDonald House Charities of Central Texas: cosplay, live music, dance, food, kids activities, R2D2!


Star Bar’s May the 4th Be with You

  • Where: Star Bar |600 West 6th
  • When: May 4th | 4:00 PM
  • What: Drinks, Food

Sunday morning on the Star Bar porch, done right. #starbar #austin #bloodymary #hailmary

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Original Trilogy Viewing Party

  • Where: The Blackheart |86 Rainey
  • When: May 4th | 8:00 PM
  • What: Drinks, Viewing Party. Star Wars: A New Hope (IV) starts at 8:00 PM, followed by the rest of the original trilogy.

Other Worlds Austin’s 3rd Annual Celebration

  • Where: 4th Tap Brewing |10615 Metric
  • When: May 4th | 6:00 PM
  • What: Costume contests, comics, merch

There's nothing more beautiful than a beer and a Texas sunset. ??☀️

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Lego Star Wars Building Event – Toys R US – All Stores

  • Where: Toys R US – All Locations
  • When: May 6th |12:00 PM – 2:00 PM
  • What: Build and take home your own Princess Leia, Kids

Disney Store – Feel the 4th Celebration – All Stores

  • Where: Disney Store – All Locations
  • When: May 4th |8:30 AM – 10:00 PM
  • What: Activities throughout the day: drawing, force training, check with local store. Kids