- August 24, 2016

Austin-Based Weirdrockers Mamahawk Embrace Their Audience With New Single, ‘Reset’


After releasing their self-titled debut album last year, indie band Mamahawk has gotten the chance to perform at some of Austin’s biggest venues including Empire Control Room and Garage, The Mohawk, and Stubbs. Racking up a small following of fans with their Justin Vernon (Bon Iver) inspired music, they have returned with a new music video for the track “Reset,” featuring vocalist Shantel Leitner.

The song features gleaming guitars and beautiful vocals, including those by James Reed, who plays the majority of the instruments on their debut. One of the most atmospheric songs an Austin group has released in years, “Reset” has the effect of embracing the listener fully, like an overbearing mother who will not let you go until it’s all over. In a good way.

Taking listeners away is the intent of “Reset,” and the group succeeds. Only time will tell if the band gets noticed outside of Austin, but we believe that they wholeheartedly deserve it.

Watch the music video by clicking the play button above.

Featured photo: Mamahawk

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