Looking For New Friends To Help Keep Austin Weird? These MeetUp Groups Can Help!


Interacting with new people opens the door for fresh ideas and friendships. Austin MeetUps on meetup.com are intended to do just that. And while all ATX groups welcome new members who want to do, or learn, or talk about something to add to the discussion, there are some that appeal to a peculiar audience or highlight an unusual skill. We at Austin.com consider strangers just friends we haven’t met yet. So, we’ve pulled together a list of atypical Austin groups that deserve your attention, whether you’re new to Austin or just looking to make some new friends.



Weirdery Austin

It is more of a state of mind than a particular job or hobby that brings members of “The Weirdery” together. Artists, musicians, crafters, designers, massage lovers, tattoo artists, lovers of the weird, tarot readers, fire dancers, Yogis, and just interesting folks who love life are encouraged to join. All members have the opportunity to post events and get togethers which usually include: Monthly Full Moon Howl at Barton Springs Pool, Hacky Sack In The Park, and even Free Hugs & Snuggle Parties.

Molten Metal Sword Casting Club

Interested in Bronze Age metal-work? If so, this group is for you! Participants use power tools to either shape a piece of wood into a sword of their very own design or finish one pre-cut to a historic shape. In the second half of class, members get their hands dirty, making a sand cast of the wooden original, and then watch as organizers pour an exact copy of it in molten aluminum! For just $85, members walk away with a unique, leather bound sword. What are you waiting for?

Hiking with Geeks

A local, online community of geeks, tech workers, and entrepreneurs who enjoy being outdoors make up this MeetUp. All skill levels are welcome and supported by their fellow geeks. Not every trail is simple, but the premise of this geeky group is to emotionally, physically, or psychologically be there for their fellow friend. Hiking with Geeks, the group where nature and nerds unite.


Welcome to your new clique, ladies! These peeps are here to help you curate the lifestyle you moved here for and indulge in happy hours, brunches, and other fun stuff on the regular. This is a group for lively, do-it-their-way women who enjoy casual, yet polished events. Party on, people!

I Love Austin, but I Need Some F*g Friends

This group is for anyone looking to make new friends, perfect for new Austin transplants or introverts. Plan for numerous, constant events because exploring Austin is the name of the game with this group. Functions are scattered throughout the city to accommodate residents in each area and keep activities diverse. Find your next friend here.

Austin Salsa Dance MeetUp

Austin Salsa Dance MeetUp welcome newbies and experts alike to explore the Austin salsa social dance scene. Rather than your run of the mill exercise class, salsa provides a unique, heart-healthy aerobic celebration and a very direct instrument to develop new friendships. So sign up now and dance the Austin night away.

Austin Game Night

Austin Game Night (AGN) is a great group of people who love to play board games. Every Tuesday and Sunday at Tribe Comics and Games on S. Lamar you’ll find its members throwing dice and sinking battleships. And don’t be discouraged by the small number of RSVPs, because the MeetUp’s regular game nights are so popular and frequent, folks don’t even sign up anymore. And neither do you. You just have to show up!

Austin Hoopers

Join this hoop group whose leader, Michelle, believes that hula hooping can heal by bringing people together and create a joyful community. Built on a sharing activity that promotes health and happiness, Austin Hoopers is great for both fitness and meditative benefits. Join in on the fun with a group that gets people to play together, despite their differences.

Austin Kayak Polo Club

This gang has been playing kayak polo on Lady Bird Lake in central Austin for more than 16 years, and invite you to MeetUp! All skills and levels are welcome to gather and play twice a week, all year long, on Wednesday evening and Sunday afternoon. Everything you need, including gear and instruction, is provided for free. So hit the lake and start serving!

So this year, make it a goal to meet and really connect with as many new people as you can. You never know who you’ll find or what they may mean to your life!


All photos from Meetup pages