- February 16, 2015

This Local Filmmaker Is Proof That Artisans Really Can Thrive In Austin

Welcome back to another edition of “Austin Creators.” This week, we are turning our cameras on Jared Aja, the founder, CEO, and creative director at A-Town Productions.

<I>You are reading "Austin Creators," a video blog by Chilimbwe Washington.</I>

You are reading “Austin Creators,” a video blog by Chilimbwe Washington.

Since moving to Austin eight years ago, Jared has pursued a career running an independent film studio that specializes in video advertising. Through a lot of trial an error, he’s built a name for himself and honed his talents to be razor sharp, working with some of Austin’s premiere artistic talent all the while.

When we spoke recently, Jared explained that he sees his success as the product of both his work ethic and his principles. Positive results and profits are the benefits of adhering to those principles. It also helps that Jared’s clients love his work.

No matter the industry or genre, A-Town Productions is always focused on providing clients a product they are happy with all the way through the process. When Jared and I first met, right before the Austin leg of last year’s 48 Hour Film Festival, I didn’t know he was already a successful business owner. Of course, it didn’t take long for me to see how savvy he is at the film trade.

Check out the two-minute cut of our interview below, or the long version on YouTube.

Now check out a little bit of what Jared and the A-Town team get into every day:

Content creation and advertising is no easy game, and there’s a high bar of entry as it is. Even with the walls lowered and the Internet forcing greater democratization of the advertising industry, it is still a tremendous challenge for a small business to find a niche and thrive — yet A-Town seems to be doing just that. Does this mean today’s low-budget filmmakers have to create low-grade ads or forgettable music videos to survive while practicing their craft? If you’re Jared, the answer is no. Low budget or none at all, Jared is a consummate professional and the visuals he records with his RED camera are wonderful indeed.

In a way, Jared is the kind of artisan that would have in decades prior found business difficult, because he pours so much into the quality of his products. Yet, he succeeds today not just because of his work ethic, but because of the unique conditions present in Austin right now.

“[My] number one [priority] is winning more awards, getting bigger and better clients, and working with bigger and better brands so that we can make bigger and better solutions,” he told me.

There’s nothing quite like ambition.

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