- November 26, 2014

Are You Living In Austin’s Most Stressed-Out Zip Code? Find Out Here

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Click “Stress Less” infographic to see full size. Infographic: Flickr user BetterWorks Breakroom, CC licensed.

Here in Austin, we like to think we’re pretty chill, especially when compared to other cities in our population bracket, but are we really as laid back as we think that we are? In a recent study performed by Movoto, a national real estate company with a hoppin’ blog, we can see how Austin actually stacks up against other cities in the United States in terms of stress levels.

By analyzing 2008-2012 census data for factors such as average commute times, average hours worked per week, and percent of monthly income spent on rent, Motvoto discovered that the top ten most stressed out cities in the nation are: Williamsfield, OH; Michigan City, MS; Mendota, CA; Sawyerville, AL; Coahoma, MS; Beechgrove, TN; Crawford, MS; Houston, TX; Stanfield, AZ; and Daufuskie Island, SC.

Poor guys. Austin didn’t even make it onto the top 50 most stressed out cities list!

So, that’s cool… but since Austin.com is awesome, we wanted to dig a little deeper. We plugged all of Austin’s zip codes into Movoto’s form to find out the stress rankings for each one and then organized those results into top ten lists of our own: the top ten most stressed out zip codes and the top ten least stressed out zip codes in Austin.

Can you guess which zips are most and least frazzled?

The Top 10 Most Stressed-Out Zip Codes in Austin

  1. 78746
  2. 78731
  3. 78733
  4. 78756
  5. 78703
  6. 78749
  7. 78730
  8. 78759
  9. 78726
  10. 78738

The Top 10 Least Stressed-Out Zip Codes in Austin

  1. 78724
  2. 78721
  3. 78742
  4. 78744
  5. 78753
  6. 78741
  7. 78752
  8. 78725
  9. 78719
  10. 78758

Based on these results, we’re doing pretty well in terms of stress potential, but the numbers from our “most stressed” zip codes are still quite high. All of you anxious folks might do well to read through the infographic posted here to determine ways to reduce your stress levels and live healthier lifestyles. We’re rooting for you!

If your zip code didn’t make it onto one of these lists and you’re curious about its stress ranking, simply visit Movoto’s calculation page and enter those five magical digits to see where your community stands.

Stay chill, Austin.

Featured photo: Flickr user jazbeck, creative commons licensed