- May 12, 2017

LASA Students Lip-Dub The Killers In Perhaps The Best Music Video Ever

It must be almost summer time, because students in Austin are starting to get restless, especially the seniors. So restless that students at the Liberal Arts and Science Academy (LASA — also known as the LBJ school) all got together to make the most epic music video we’ve seen this side of Ok Go.

Seriously, they went ALL OUT for this thing.

Set to The Killers’ “All The Things I’ve Done,” it is easily the best video you’ll watch all week. Double that if you went to LASA but haven’t revisited those hallways in years. It’s equal part blast from the past and hopefulness for the future, all set to a great song. So, don’t miss this.

Way to go, LASA seniors! Be safe out there this summer.