- March 7, 2016

Lash Delivery Brings Food and Booze to Your Door Because Putting on Pants is Overrated

Austin can now add another service to the growing list of ways to have booze delivered to your door, as Dallas-based Lash Delivery soft-launched in Austin last week. Lash, founded by Manil Uppal and Arshaad Mirza, combines both alcohol and food delivery into one service, so if you’re planning a special evening and are short on time, they’ve got you covered.

According to Austin Business Journal, the app offers choices from nearly 3,000 alcohol products and serves 18 Austin zip codes, though oddly enough they focus north and west, with no inclusion of the downtown area (78701, 78702) or the popular 78704 area. Uppal does mention in the ABJ interview that there are plans for expansion, though doesn’t elaborate much on plans for Austin.

Central Track called it “the Ferrari of alcohol delivery,” so we’re pretty excited to give it a test drive, though we’ll probably have to keep our fingers crossed for an expansion or make some new friends over in Westlake.

The Lash Delivery app is available in the iTunes store and in the Google Play store.