A Few Of Our Favorite Moments From The Keep Austin Weird Festival

“Keep Austin Weird” is more than just a motto that Portland stole from us, it’s a way of life. And a marketing tool. And a popular hashtag. Hell, even Kevin Durant is talking about keeping Austin weird in this new Nike ad. Besides all of those things, it’s also the name of one of Austin’s favorite 5K/party events that happens every summer. This Saturday’s Keep Austin Weird Fest & 5K benefiting the Central Texas Food Bank happens at Veteran’s Pocket Park starting at 3 p.m., with the race starting at 6 p.m.

There will surely be plenty of new weird memories created at this year’s event, so while we wait for those, let’s take a trip down the Keep Austin Weird Fest memory lane with some of our favorite moments:

Let’s start with the people…

The Pacman gang running through the streets of Austin this year? Pretty weird. Also pretty darn cute.



These guys are pretty “WEIRD, WEIRD, WEIRD,” but I feel like we’ve seen weirder.




There can be no “weird” without the ubiquitous unicorn mask and accompanying hyperventilation from the heat.


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Or hell, just go ahead and go for the full costume. Just be sure you have one of those rock & roll ambulances following nearby.



But hey, it’s probably totally worth it if you can get a kiss out of it.




We’re certainly getting warmer on the weird front…


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And now we have arrived. Yep. Here we go. Our King and Queen of Weird.




People aren’t the only ones keeping it weird at the festival…


There’s this shoulder parrot who is probably letting out a string of cuss words into this guy’s ear.



And the adorable armadillos that are racing their way into our hearts.




And then there’s this poor little dog who Mud Puppies is keeping weird, whether he likes it or not.




Besides all of the people and animal watching, there will be plenty of great music, fun treats, and other good times. Can’t wait to see you guys there!


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Featured photo courtesy of Keep Austin Weird Festival