- October 13, 2016

Kady Rain Fills Absence Of Local Pop Music With Colorful Single ‘R.A.D. Moves’


While rock bands are all over the place in Austin, the one genre that seems to be absent is pop music. With local act Holiday Mountain holding down the pop-electronic genre well, hearing pure pop music is rare.

Filling this void is Kady Rain, a singer-songwriter that writes saucy radio friendly songs that explode with color, along with having some of the best production on a local track that we’ve heard in a while. Her new single “R.A.D. Moves” brings together her sunny vocals with plenty of overdubs, while enveloping listeners in Cyndi Lauper style synths.

Local blog Ovrld calling Kady Rain the next breakout act in Austin, and we couldn’t agree more, so take a listen for yourself below.

Featured photo: Kady Rain, Astevens Photography

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