- July 13, 2016

You’ll Love These Austin Inspired Coloring Books No Matter Your Age

The adult coloring book trend is showing no signs of slowing down. In fact, a quick search of Amazon yields a result of nearly 30,000 options under “Coloring Books for Grownups.” That means there’s a coloring book for nearly everything you can think of, from curse words to animals and flowers.

Naturally, we had to go searching for coloring books about our favorite subject: Austin. We managed to track down some books and coloring pages featuring Austin and Texas in general, but we’d sure love to see more!


Teach your kiddos the importance of adoption and animal shelters with this coloring book from Austin Animal Shelter that celebrates five years of Austin as a no-kill city. The book is full of “just a few of the special animals who have called Austin Animal Center home and eventually find permanent families. These are the faces that help us celebrate the fact that Austin is truly America’s safest city for animals.” All proceeds from the $12 book benefit the Austin Animal Shelter. You can find it at Amazon, as well as at Book People and Toy Joy.Screen Shot 2016-07-08 at 11.48.06 AM

Every little cowboy and cowgirl needs their own boots, so here’s one for them to color. Then they can get ready to ride, inspired by this little girl mounting her saddle on an armadillo.


This kids coloring book of Texas symbols comes with the disclaimer “may not be suitable for children if symbols of guns or gambling offend,” which makes us want to scoop it up right away (the actual cover isn’t quite so compelling).

tx book

The Terrific Texas Coloring Book is as adorable as it is educational, making it a great choice for road trips and helping to reduce summer slide issues. It’s full of places, facts, characters, and fun, and it’s super cheap.


The Texas Capitol gift shop offers a few different coloring and activity books for the kiddos, including Bats: A Creativity Book for Young Conservationists, celebrating Austin’s favorite little mammal, as well as the Austin Activity and Coloring Book, “an entertaining way to learn about the interesting things to see and do during a visit to Austin.”



This detailed, line art map of Central Austin from UrbanPlanning is printed on high quality paper, giving adults the opportunity to create their own version of downtown with just a bit of imagination and a palette of colors.


Austinite Rebecca Borelli’s book of Austin landmarks features beautiful interpretations of Austin landmarks with swirling patterns that give off as much warmth as a summer afternoon at Zilker Park. If you don’t feel like waiting for the whole book to arrive, you can go ahead and get started with some digital downloads, including a Willie Nelson themed coloring page.  greenbelt

The Texas Nature mini coloring book by JShihIllustration features some of the best parts of being outdoors in Central Texas, including Texas wildflowers and Fredericksburg peaches. Order a single book, or a five-pack for just $20 for fun, easy gifts.


Any respectable southerner knows that if someone tells you “Well bless your heart” they’re not necessarily trying to wish the best for you. This book of “sassy and cheeky Texas sayings” is perfect for a good laugh over a pitcher of margaritas with some of your friends.


Other fun digital downloads include an Austin Guitar coloring page, a Texas sign language page, this incredibly detailed Texas flower print, a Texas word page, another Texas word page, and a Texas map (here’s another Texas map option and one more for the road).  


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