- February 29, 2016

Judge Julie Kocurek Returns to Standing Ovation in Courtroom After November Shooting

After four months of recovery from being shot outside of her home, Travis County Judge Julie Kocurek returned to a standing ovation in the courtroom as she donned her black robe once again. That room, filled with attorneys, judges, Police Chief Art Acevedo, and others, lined up to give her a hug after the standing ovation.

According to the Fox 7 story, an arrest has yet to be made in the incident; however, police do have a suspect, and an investigation is underway. Acevedo “feels confident that his investigators will be able to present enough evidence to the district attorney’s office so that they may bring charges against the person who did this. He feels that will happen sometime soon.”

Kocurek plans to take her return slow by working half days so that she can continue her physical therapy, while other judges rotate to cover for her. Her official first day back at work is tomorrow, March 1, at 1:30pm.