- July 29, 2014

Jazz Up Your Date Night at Brass House


In Austin, we’re lucky to have access to a huge amount of free live music. And not just some kid mangling “Stairway to Heaven” on his guitar– really good free live music. Blues, country western, alternative, classical, you name it.

I recently discovered a great free music option: the weekly jam session at Brass House.

If you haven’t heard of Brass House, don’t feel bad. It’s a relatively new jazz bar located on Brazos and 2nd Street. Brass House is similar to the Elephant Room but it’s bigger, brighter, cleaner, and a little quieter. (In short, it’s much less of a dive.)

Every Wednesday evening starting at 9:00, Brass House holds a jam session where any musician can come play. A four-piece jazz band hosts the evening, playing a few songs on their own and then playing backup for the other musicians.

The quality of the playing is fantastic. The last time I went to the jam session, an elderly man called “Captain Joe” got on stage and blew everyone away with his trumpet skills.

Brass House offers a very extensive drink menu. A draft beer costs around $4, a glass of wine costs about $8, and a cocktail costs around $10. Their cocktails are a bit pricey, but just about everyone there had one in hand so they must be good. Plus, you’re not paying for the entertainment.

Going out for dinner downtown and then heading to Brass House for music and drinks would be an amazing date night. You live in (or near) the “live music capital of the world,” so go take advantage of it!

Brass House Website
115 San Jacinto Blvd
Austin, Texas

Laura Arnold lives in Central Austin and works for a local tech company. She spends her free time eating an unhealthy amount of queso, buying Groupons and instantly regretting them, and reviewing activities for her blog, Austinite Tips.