Austin Or Hoth? We’re Digging Out Our Favorite Star Wars Photoshop Pics

Between the arctic blast and Rogue One killing it in theaters this weekend, now is as good a time as any to bring back every Star Wars fan in Austin’s favorite set of photos. In January 2014, KLBJ’s CJ Morgan and his friend Nicole Raney (from CultureMap Austin) photoshopped some classic Empire Strikes Back action into the backdrop of the frozen wasteland that is Austin for a couple of days.

We’ll get to the tundras of Hoth in a moment, but let’s first start with everyone’s favorite, shareable meme that has been making the rounds for a couple of years. It’s a regional variation of a national meme that just says “store” instead of “HEB.” Of course, it’s a meme, so attribution is difficult, but this year Redditor phoenixxjj posted it to the r/Austin board, leaving it open for amazing Star Wars puns like these:



Now onto the spectacular showing from Morgan and Raney:

They probably don’t smell like tacos…on the inside


And we thought the traffic on South Congress was bad already


The Empire needs a break — party on 6th Street?


At least these AT ATs took it a little further outside of the city limits


And the rebels are there waiting for them


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