- May 30, 2012

Interactive Free Fun Map of Austin


View Free Fun in Austin in a larger map

Austin is a happening town, with free fun hiding around virtually every corner.  But, if you’re not familiar with all the corners, it may be confusing trying to track that fun down. What you need is a map!

Jeanne and I have been hard at work cooking up an interactive map, to help you discover new adventures in your neck of the woods, and maybe a few that are worth the drive. Hopefully this handy tool will help you to discover some new spots to explore this summer.

The Free Fun in Austin map includes: 

  • Playgrounds 
  • Pools 
  • Splash Pads 
  • Museums 
  • Farmer’s Markets 
  • Tourist Spots 
  • Ponds and Lakes 

Click on any icon to see photos of the location, as well as hyperlinks to more information.  If you visit the full map in Google Maps, you will be able to see all of the attractions listed on the left, by category. 

Almost everything on the map is free, but I couldn’t resist sneaking in a few extra budget options.  These, as well as museums which are only free at certain times, are denoted with a dollar sign in the title. 

This map is by no means comprehensive.  There are simply too many playgrounds in the greater Austin area to list every single one.  But it’s a start.  We will continue to add to the map as we explore new neighborhoods!

Can’t see the map above? Check it out in Google Maps