- December 9, 2016

Houndstooth Coffee Brings You New Holiday Cappuccinos


As soon as there’s even a hint of cool weather, countless restaurants, bars, and coffee shops pull out the pumpkin spice and add it to everything. You’re probably sick of pumpkin spice everything by now. Fall is transitioning into winter, and you’re ready for some new holiday flavors. How about stopping by one of the two Austin Houndstooth Coffee locations for a fresh holiday beverage to warm you up?

All the way through December 31, 2016, Houndstooth Coffee is featuring two caffeine-loaded drinks to counter the cold weather and delight your tastebuds — Rhum Nut Cappuccino and Cinnamon Spice Cappuccino. Each drink is a standard 6-ounce cappuccino made with one of two simple syrups made in-house. The rhum nut syrup is a blend of rhum extract and hazelnut. The cinnamon spice syrup is a mixture of cinnamon extract and anise.

The drinks have both sweet and spicy notes to their flavors. And they’ll keep your energy up for holiday gift shopping!

These December cappuccino flavors come to you on the heels of their successful November drinks — Spritzy Spice and The Peppy Fizz. No matter the season, people seem to love beverages linked to the time of year.

Houndstooth Coffee is an Austin original that first opened in 2010. Since then, founder Sean Henry has expanded his operation to two Austin stores (Congress Avenue downtown and North Lamar Boulevard at 42nd Street), the newest location in west Dallas and another location opening next year in east Austin. At each location, Henry and his staff create a warm and inviting atmosphere by focusing on hospitality, conversation and education.

When you step into Houndstooth Coffee, you’ll feel welcomed and engaged. Plus, you’ll have baristas who want to help you understand their products. So stop by Houndstooth Coffee to experience their December cappuccino drinks and all the things that make this place stand out among other coffee shops.

Featured photo courtesy of Houndstooth Coffee