- October 4, 2014

Here’s What You Missed If You Weren’t At ACL Last Weekend

The 2014 Austin City Limits (ACL) Festival is off to a roaring start.

Last weekend in Zilker Park, Outkast, Beck, Childish Gambino, and dozens more phenomenal artists absolutely rocked our faces off. So much music was being played around town that the story of ACL 2014 became utterly impossible to cover in any Real journalistic sense.

That’s why we’re so glad ACL released these Day One, Day Two, and Day Three recap videos, just so you know HOW MUCH of a good time you’re missing by not being here. It’s the best approximation of actually attending the festival that we’ve seen yet. So, give ’em a watch and make yourself a reminder to get those tickets early next year.

Friday, Oct. 3:

Saturday, Oct. 4:

Sunday, Oct. 5: