Here’s Your Comprehensive List of All of the City of Austin Music Proclamations and Days

Today marks the first day of 2017 that Austin music fans should have written on their calendar. The full calendar of City of Austin music proclamations starts on January 23 with salsa band La Vida Buena and continues through the end of the year as Rotel & the Hot Tomatoes wraps up on December 15.

So what, exactly, are these music proclamations handed down by the city? Simone Wilson, Music Program Specialist for City of Austin’s Music & Entertainment Division tell us:

The City of Austin is incredibly proud of our local music culture, and every Austin City Council meeting includes live music to kick off the Council session,” Wilson said. “These selected performers are also bestowed the honor of a ‘Proclamation Day’ with an accompanying certificate and their band name permanently included in the City calendar. These musicians will have their own City of Austin “day” for the rest of their lives, and many have annual celebrations of their day with fans and supporters.”

Want to know when to celebrate your favorite Austin musicians? Here’s a comprehensive calendar of those who have received proclamations and “days” up to this point. Be sure to check back next year — we’ll be sure to add any 2017 recipients, as well!


1/23 Dia de la Vida Buena

1/28 La Frenetika Day

1/29 Dead Things Don’t Bleed Day

1/30 Cheryl Murdock Day

2/4 A-Town GetDown Day

2/12 Son de Rey Day

2/13 SPHYNX Day

2/25 Weldon Henson Day

2/26 Eastside Memorial Jazz Band Day

2/27 Ruby Dee and the Snake Handlers Day

3/3 Jon Dee Graham Day

3.5 Fog & Bone Day

3/6 Little Brave Day

3/12 Annie & Kate Day

3/20 KP and the Boom Boom Day

3/26 Brandon Callies Day

3/27 Atlas Major Day

3/27 Janie Balderas Day

3/31 Afrofreque Day

4/2 Gina Chavez Day

4/7  Kathy and the Killowatts Day

4/10 The Sun Machine Day

4/11 Les RAV Day

4/17 Salesman Day

4/21  Austin Community College Day

4/23 Bavu Blakes Day

5/1 Cilantro Boombox Day

5/5 Boca Abajo Day

5/7 Kiko Villamizar Day

5/8 Miranda Gil Day

5/15 Kimberly Dunn Day

5/19 The Potholes Day

5/21 Jackie Venson Day

5/22 Manuel “Cowboy” Donley Day

5/23 Tiarra Girls Day

6/4 The Digital Wild Day

6/6 GOBI Day

6/9 Jeremy McBee Day

6/12 Saul Paul Day

6/18 Julian Acosta Day

6/20 Este Vato Day

6/23 Christopher Michael Day

6/26 Chencho Flores Day

6/27 Shivery Shakes Day

8/4 Love & Chaos Day

8/7 Quiet Company Day

8/8 Peligrosa Day

8/18 Ogden Payne Day

8/22 Emily Bell Day

8/29 Riders Against the Storm (RAS) Day

9/1 AJ Castillo Day

9/16 Soul Track Mind Day

9/26 Migrant Kids Day

10/3 Peterson Brothers Day

10/6 Keeper Day

10/17 Hot Texas Swing Band Day

10/20 Carry Illinois Day

10/24 Havila Rand Day

11/3 Ruben Ramos Day

11/21 The Nightowls Day

12/1 Folk Uke Day 

12/15 Rotel & the Hot Tomatoes Day

Featured photo courtesy City of Austin