Have a furry friend in Austin that needs your love, care, and companionship? Don’t let your beloved pet down! There are plenty of ways to keep your dog, cat, hamster, fish, or whatever other form your pet takes happy in downtown Austin. From dog-friendly restaurants to yummy treats at local pet bakeries, here’s a list of all the ways you can make the non-human pals in your life just a little bit happier.

Lavish Them with Love

Pets won’t be as happy as possible without a lot of TLC. This takes many forms, but the most important of them is proper health care. There are plenty of veterinary clinics and pet hospitals in Austin, including one with an appropriate name, the Love Pet Hospital. Don’t neglect to take your pets to regular checkups so they can get the proper shots, vaccinations, and attention from a professional. Regular vet visits will keep your pets healthy and happy for years to come.

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Love bunny! Bumper & his human.

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