Here’s How Austin Has Responded To Trump’s Immigration Orders

Unless you’ve managed to completely live under Enchanted Rock for the past week, you understand what a complete shitstorm the country has faced under our new ruler. The latest assault to humanity brought upon by Trump was the recent Executive Order that effectively bans entrance to the US from certain non-terrorist proven countries caused major outpouring of protest this weekend.

Here are just a few ways that Austinites responded (be sure to read to the bottom to find out  how you can stand up to this discrimination).

Mayor Adler came out swinging during his State of the City address

Watch the full “State of the City” address below:

Sheriff Hernandez was not having any of it either

For more, check out our county policy when it comes to dealing with what she views as the Feds trying to make Austin do their job for them.

As you might expect, this hasn’t made Gov. Greg Abbott very happy, and now there’s a movement in the Texas legislature to give him the power to remove Sheriff Hernandez from office — and any other official who doesn’t fall in line with the governors orders.

“I respect the job of our state leaders, but I will not allow fear and misinformation to be my guiding principles as a leader sworn to protect this community,” Sheriff Hernandez replied. “I am following all state and federal laws, and upholding constitutional rights to due process for all in our criminal justice system. Our community is safer when people can report crimes without fear of deportation. I trust the court system and our judges to assess the risks and set appropriate bonds and conditions for all who are incarcerated. The voters, who elected state leaders and me, expect and deserve a collaborative effort to come up with solutions to this very complex issue. That is precisely what I’m committed to.”

“(President Donald) Trump’s and Abbott’s attempts to coerce our local police departments to become deportation agents are racist attempts, unconstitutional and dangerous for our public safety,” said City Council Member Greg Casar, according to The Austin Monitor. “Greg Abbott has ludicrously threatened to remove a democratically elected official and overturn the will of Travis County voters.”

Austinites came out in droves for “Where Refugees Are Welcome”

On Monday evening the First English Lutheran Church in West Campus hosted the Refugees Welcome: Interfaith Community Vigil to not only a standing room, but a standing block. The Austin American Statesman live streamed the event as attendees who didn’t make it into the church asked for updates and photos.


The UT Motto became more poignant, according to President Fenves



Even the internationally attended festival SXSW took a stand

Representative Doggett naturally had some strong feelings

As did the hundreds of Austinites who protested at ABIA

Read more about the airport protest attended by hundreds of Austinites, including City Council Member Greg Cesar at the Austin American Statesman. So far, nobody has been detained at the Austin airport and no detentions are foreseen, according to Mayor Adler

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The ACLU received $24.1 million over the weekend, and lots of Austin money was part of it

We had a bunch of restaurants that donated all their proceeds. It’s a thing here.

Judge Eckhardt donned a pink hat

Ok, so maybe this wasn’t specific to this weekend, but we just saw that this Travis County judge wore her hat in solidarity with the Women’s March, and we just had to include it.

And then Texans organized Texas Muslim Day (1/31/17) at the State Capitol


Want a full day of learning how to help and advocate for your Muslim friends and neighbors?

Texas Muslim State Capitol Day is an opportunity for community members to learn about the democratic political process and how to be an advocate.

The event will include:

A press conference, a mock lobbying session to learn the do’s and don’ts of lobbying, free lunch for registered Austinites, face to face meetings with the representative of your specific district to talk about the issues YOU are passionate about

We’re sure there’s much more to how Austin has responded. Feel free to add your two cents in the comments below!