- August 6, 2018

Here Are 10 Of The Weirdest Things Austinites Love Doing

If you’re one of the many new people in our city, or just stopping through the Weird Capital of Texas for for business or pleasure, and you’ve got a palate for the perplexing, you’re in luck. Austin has a wealth of weirdness to share, and we’re here to help you find it. So today, we’re going to break off as much Freaky Austin as possible. These are 10 of our favorite weird things to do in Austin. Got a suggestion for other local weirdness? Leave your mark below the list.  

10. Wipe Out A Hangover With The Craziest Bloody Mary Ever

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This drink (?) contains a corn dog, a chicken sandwich, a taquito, a chimichanga, a slice of bacon, a slice of sausage, a slice of pepper jack cheese, a meatball, a pickle, pickled okra, onion, olives, cucumber, and finally, a stalk of celery. Your hangover never had a chance. Find yourself at Casino El Camino to behold this drink’s glory up close. Luckily for Austinites, Casino isn’t the only place you can find one of these crazy concoctions. Check out our list of 10 Austin Bloody Marys That Will Seriously Spice Up Your Life for more.

9. Go On A Pedal-Powered Pub Crawl

Pub Crawler Austin is a seriously good time if you’ve got some friends to bring along. And yes, you may look a bit weird peddling an odd contraption through the streets of downtown Austin, but at least you’ll be drinking a beer and laughing while you do!

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8. Ride A Butterfly At The Austin Bike Zoo

I always feel beautiful riding the big butterfly for #AustinBikeZoo

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OK, that’s technically a bike, but anyone who sees you on this (or any of Austin Bike Zoo‘s other creations that include a bat, rattlesnake, owl, and more) won’t care. Most epic bike ride ever? Aside from actually competing in the X Games, yes.

7. Take The Austin Weird Homes Tour

The Austin Weird Homes Tour is quite an epic event, one that lets you peer into the odd houses that many Austinites call home. It’sdefinitely fun for the whole family. This one is seasonal though, and you have to buy tickets ahead of time, but it’s totally worth it! Follow the tour people on Facebook to get the skinny on their next round.

6. Train In The Jedi Arts 

The Lone Star Saber Academy is run by a real-life swordsman who uses the Star Wars window dressing to teach ancient fighting techniques to young and old alike. Not only could these skills be useful — being a Jedi is a LOT of fun! Check out this article in VICE featuring Austin’s local Jedi.

5. Hit Up ‘Weird Wednesday’ at Alamo Drafthouse

<I>A movie poster for 'Lady Terminator.</I>

A movie poster for ‘Lady Terminator.

The poster above is just one example of the movies you’ll be seeing at the Drafthouse’s weekly “Weird Wednesday” shows. This long-running series, going every Wednesday night since 2001, features the greatest and least-known exploitation films and oddities that they can get their hands on. These events are only held at The Ritz theater downtown, but tickets are just $3.

4. Devour The Weirdest Sausage Maybe Ever


Frank is one of Austin’s temples to strange and delicious meats. Their menu is chock full of the most bizarre ‘dogs you can imagine, and it regularly changes. We recommend “The Jackalope,” which contains smoked antelope, rabbit, and pork — but really anything they serve up is great.

3. Tour Haunted Locations In A Friggin’ Hearse

Haunted ATX, a company that takes visitors on a tour of haunted Austin locations in a hearse, has been a staple of Austin’s weirdness for the past few years. They take 5-6 people at a time on tours of Austin’s most-haunted locations, including the Austin State Hospital and The Driskill Hotel, and all their reviews rave about how much fun the experience is. You can also rent one of their hearse limos for those extra special goth occasions.

2. Lose Yourself In A World Of Trash

I never thought junk could be so mesmerizing!! ? #atx #cathedralofjunk #layout

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The Cathedral of Junk is easily one of the most mesmerizing walks you can take in Austin. Built by Austinite Vince Hannemann in his backyard, you can’t actually see the cathedral from his neighborhood street. Once you’re in, though, it all makes sense. This place is awesome.

1. Three Words: Chicken. Shit. Bingo.

Every Sunday, Ginny’s Little Longhorn Saloon hosts a game we like to call Chicken Shit Bingo, in which people sit around listening to live honky-tonk music, drinking $2 beers, eating free hot dogs, and betting on which square a chicken will poop on next. Because we get down like that.



Featured photo: Flickr user Delwin Steven Campbell, Creative Commons Licensed.

Additional reporting by Laurie Lyons-Makaimoku