New Free Sesame Street Series Dedicated To Emotionally Supporting Your Preschooler


There’s a new team of monsters on the street! Just like the gang on “Sesame Street,” these lovable monsters love, love, love to help anyone with a problem. But this new crew are the stars of the new Apple TV+ series “Helpsters Help You.”

Though you need a subscription to view the full series on Apple TV+, there are over 20 shorts available for FREE on their YouTube channel.

Helpsters Help You

And that’s not all! You can also download a FREE educational and entertaining “Helpsters Help You” themed activity book. Just click here.

One more thing… to all you parents out there, we know you’re overwhelmed but hang in there! You are not alone. In fact, even Elmo’s dad is learning how to take a moment for himself.

Get more info about the “Helpsters Help You” series here.

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