- December 20, 2016

Help Us Crowdsource Austin’s Questions with this New Facebook Group!

Hey Austin, ever need a little help with a recommendation or a bit of information but want to reach outside of your own social circle to find it? Or do you know that Reddit is a great source for info but don’t want to deal with the trolls?

Well, we’ve started a new Facebook group to help you find the answers you’re looking for and to help us crowdsource answers for our great Austin.com lists that you know and love so much. We want to expand our knowledge base and help you expand yours so that the lesser known parts of the ATX get represented, too. It’s a great resource for visitors, new transplants, and old Austinites, alike.

So add yourself to the group today and feel free to add your friends, too. Let’s join together as a community and share our knowledge of Austin!

Note: While sharing info about your own business (or a client’s business if you are a PR person) in the comments of a question is totally acceptable and actually encouraged — we want to support local businesses — posts that are blatant advertisements or event invites will not be approved by moderators.

Join the group right here (there are already a few questions just waiting for your unique insight) — and thanks for sharing your knowledge of our fair city!

Featured photo — work commissioned by Mike Johnson aka Truth by Austin.com