- February 10, 2012

Happy Birthday, Free Fun in Austin!


Free Fun in Austin turned two on February 1 and I think it’s rather fitting that I’m a full nine days late in wishing the site a happy birthday.  I’ve been at least a week behind in just about everything since this crazy adventure began back in 2010 (including cleaning the bathrooms, which is what I should be doing now).  But what a wild ride! This past year has been jam-packed with unexpected amazing stuff:  I was on the news a couple of times, which inspired me to get out of my pajamas and shower!  You’re welcome, news viewers.  Free Fun in Austin was a Critics Pick in the 2011 Austin Chronicle’s Best of Austin. (Incidentally, you should never check your email while waiting at a stoplight because if, for example, you find out that you have won a super awesome award, you may start bawling and that makes it difficult to drive safely.)  I even got invited to speak at MomCom Austin, which was exciting business.

So I really must take this opportunity to say, “Thank you!”  Seriously, you are great!  Thanks for reading and telling your friends and going to events and enjoying Austin.  We live in a pretty terrific city and you guys make it extra wonderful.  I appreciate all the information that has been sent my way – this website really has become a team effort.

Speaking of which, you may have noticed some new voices chiming in on Free Fun in Austin lately.  Isn’t it great?  I finally admitted to myself that maybe if a person is spending 30+ hours a week working on a website that possibly said website has become more than a hobby.  To keep up with it all, I begged for some help.  So, meet the new Free Fun in Austin contributors!

This is my sister, Jeanne, her husband, Jeff, and my adorable nephews, ages 3 and nearly 1.  Jeanne runs both the Free Fun Calendar and the Free Food Calendar.  She has also started writing Free Fun at Home posts, most recently sharing how to make a photo puzzle out of popsicle sticks.  Jeanne and I are working together on some really exciting additions to Free Fun in Austin, which we hope to launch in time for Spring Break.
Leigh Ann is one of my favorite Austin bloggers, so I am thrilled to have her writing over here now too!  The mother of 3-year-old twins and a nearly 2-year-old, Leigh Ann is also the author of Genie in a Blog.  She clearly did not have enough to do so, since January, she’s been posting up a storm on Free Fun in Austin instead of sleeping.

If you have been reading long, you have heard me gush about Katey before.  She is the crafty DIY genius behind Having Fun at Home.  Her recent posts over here include DIY Bouncy Balls and Top 10 Fun Things to do With Kids at the Asian Supermarket.So, here’s to the year ahead.  As I mentioned, we are working on even more features to make planning local adventures a cinch.  Please let me know if there is something you are hoping to see on Free Fun in Austin in the future.  We’d love to hear from you!