- August 18, 2014

This Guy Used A Drone To Take Aerial Shots Of Austin And It’s Freakin’ Awesome

A videographer by the name of Charlie Kaye recently came up with the bright idea to strap a camera on an aerial drone and fly it around Austin, then set the footage to an epic score. What he came up with is one of those must-see videos that go around from time to time, except much more memorable than most.

The footage includes breathtaking shots of the University of Texas campus, Gordough’s, Broken Spoke, the Frost Tower, the Capitol and many others. You’ll just have to check it out by clicking the image above.

“I’ve done a few [drone shoots] for money, but they were all planned,” Kaye, a business analyst for Hewlett Packard in Dallas, told Austin.com. “I’ve mostly shoots for music videos or other videographers that outsource shots to me. But [real estate] is definitely the next big market for this kind of footage, and that’s what I end up spending a lot of my time on.”

Being a native north Texan who simply visits Austin frequently to see friends and family, Kaye also filmed a drone video around downtown Dallas — which is pretty neat if you’re into, you know, Dallas. His aerial footage demo reel is pretty awesome too, and so is this super-sweet video of a marriage proposal on Mount Bonnell. Now that’s doing it right.

Way to go, Charlie!

(H/T: Movoto)

Screenshot via Charlie Kaye.