- March 15, 2011

Guest Post: Children’s Park in San Marcos


This is a guest post by Ash Kelley, an adventurous local mother of 3 fun-loving kids.

San Marcos’ Children’s Park, or what my kids call Wooden Disneyland, is loads of fun. It’s a huge wooden playground that backs up to the San Marcos river! There is so much to climb on, and every turn is something new, literally. The whole playground is set up sort of like a maze, with bridges and castles, slides and swings! They have a smaller section for the younger ones with their own swings and it’s fenced off from the bigger section, which is nice to keep the big kids from running over the wee ones. Pack a lunch they’ve got picnic tables all over and if the kids get sick of the playground (which is hard to do) go explore! They have a trail that goes all around the park and as an added bonus, for all the little conductors, there are railroad tracks close by so you can watch the trains come and go as well. It has restrooms, parking (not a whole lot, but you can always park on the other side of the railroad tracks by the pool)and they just finished power washing and fixing it all up. But the best part of all, it’s FREE!

Children’s Park
205 S. CM Allen Parkway
San Marcos, TX 78666