- March 15, 2011

Guest Post: Brushy Creek Lake Park


I’m Lindsey from Jake-A-Boo, a brand new local Austin crafting blog, and I’ll be your guest blogger today while Free Fun in Austin is on vacation. I’m going to tell you about my favorite free place in Austin, well actually it’s not in Austin, it’s in Cedar Park but anyway, I’m going to tell you about Brushy Creek Lake Park.

Brushy Creek Lake Park is a 90 acre park located on Brushy Creek road at the intersection of Parmer and Brushy Creek. (One stoplight north of Avery Ranch). It is part of a larger park system that is connected by hike-and-bike paths starting at Creek Side and going all the way down to the Twin Lakes YMCA (about 6.5 miles of trails).

Brushy Creek Park has something for everyone to do. I love this park so much that it is the main reason my family chose to live in Cedar Park. When I had my first son I used to hear whispers from my Central Austin friends of this great park “up north” (like it was a million miles away…) that had the coolest splash pad ever. One hot summer day a friend and I braved the trek from Central to North Austin and visited the park.

I was in love!  

Brushy Creek Lake Park has one of the coolest FREE splash pads I have been to (voted best place to play in a fountain by the Chronicle 2007!). The splash pad opens the 1st of May at 10 am-8pm and shuts down for the season at the beginning of October. There are picnic tables right next to the waterscape but they fill up quickly so get there early if you want one. This place is slamming busy in the summer months after school gets out! The best time to visit would be in May before school lets out for the year and any time in the evening over the summer if you want to avoid the crowds. Despite the crowds this place is a must play for any child in the greater Austin Area. (Yes those are ducks! We went one day last summer and there were ducks in the waterscape! I have never seen them since but it was the only picture I could dig up of the waterscape in action.)

Next to the waterscape is a restroom, playground, and a ton of trees and picnic tables, even rentable pavilions for parties. Just past the play ground is a sand volley-ball court that is more often used as a large sand box by all the kids.

There is a hike-and-bike path around the park and down by the lake in addition to the one that connects to the larger park system. The field in the middle of the path is an awesome place to fly a kite! This is what a ton of people were doing when we went this weekend.

There is a small dock out into the water that my boys love to go out on and try to spot fish or feed ducks if there are any around. Fishing is allowed at this park and there are many nice spots to fish so that even the littlest fisher boy or girl can cast a line. Brushy Creek has a public boat lunch for non-motorized boats and a kayak and canoe rental spot next to the boat lunch. There is a labyrinth just off the hike-and-bike path that is the perfect spot for a budding entomologist to find all those creepy crawly bugs. (Ok that’s what my boys do when we walk through it). In addition to all of this fun there is also a bocce court. I don’t know how to play but I have seen people playing it. Could be interesting.

If one were so inclined as to take a long walk or bike ride following the hike-and-bike path to the right 3 miles would end you up at the YMCA at Twin Lakes, there is also a play ground there as well as a gaggle of hungry ducks to feed. Taking the path on the left over Brushy Creek Dam will have you wind up at Champion Park where there is an awesome shaded sandbox with cement casts of dinosaur bones to dig up! There is also a small splash pad here as well that is great for wee little ones.

Bottom line: This park rocks. My favorite free place in Austin hands down! Great for any season!