- January 16, 2017

Got $20K? You Can Own An Austin Castle Today!

George Strait may have some “Ocean Front Property in Arizona” to sell you, but the owner/creator of Sfanthor Wax Museum and Austin Museum of the Weird has something even more unusual on the market — a Congress Avenue castle. For $20,000 you could throw a “Game of Thrones” watch party so epic that Maisie Williams might even show up to it.

Sfanthor is another of the quirky local businesses closing and/or needing to move due to condo developers taking over the block. Doc’s Backyard recently closed, and Parts & Labour is moving to a new location a few blocks south on Congress.

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According to the original ad on Craigslist, nearly three weeks old with no takers when this story was published, the wax museum will be moving into the Museum of the Weird on 6th Street. The castle is 2,000 square feet and will need some remodeling on the inside. Of course, you’ll also need somewhere to put it.

He may not be throwing the Golden Gate in free, but with your new castle, you may want to keep an eye out for someone selling a drawbridge.

Featured photo from Craigslist