- July 12, 2014

Glenwood Splash Pad in Hutto


Tucked away in the Glenwood subdivision of Hutto sits a fun little splash pad with seven alternating water features.  From jets that spray upward to a yellow bucket that dumps water when full, the features take turns soaking kids each time a button on the red pole is depressed.

There is no shade over the splash pad, but a nice, large shade covers the lone picnic table nearby.  There are also no public restrooms, but there is one (rather unpleasant) port-a-potty next to the picnic area.

The splash pad was donated to the City of Hutto by the developer of the Glenwood subdivision, so it is open to the public. The adjacent playground and pool remain available only to Glenwood residents and guests.

Splash pad details from the City of Hutto website:

  • Operates Monday – Sunday, 10 a.m. – 8 p.m.
  • Open to the public June 1st through Labor Day weekend
  • Splash Pad (25′ diameter) includes ground and raised spray features
  • To activate the spray cycle, push the yellow button on the red pole.
  • Shaded concrete pad for seating (bring your own blanket or chair)
  • Reservations are available upon request (Call 512-759-4000)

The parking lot for the splash pad is located at the intersection of Bayliss and Fishbaugh.

Glenwood Subdivision
(off FM 1660)
101 Fishbaugh Lane
Hutto, Texas

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