- August 12, 2015

Hop N Happy Offers Big Fun for Little Austinites



For central Texans, seeking out kid-friendly activities that don’t involve braving the heat is an ongoing, summer-long quest. Recently, I found a really fun place to add to our indoor-play repertoire when I took my two-year-old and almost-four-year-old to Hop N Happy, an indoor play center filled with bounce houses, slides and other inflatables, and more. And we had the best time! I’d never been to Hop N Happy before, though it’s been a beloved part of the north Austin/Cedar Park community for a year now.

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They can hardly figure out where to play first!

They can hardly figure out where to play first!

Our visit:

As soon as we walked in, I was impressed with the bright, clean and cheerful appearance of the play center. You can tell immediately that Hop N Happy is committed to maintaining a safe, clean facility and high-quality equipment. A professional cleaning team comes every other night to clean the entire play center; even the blocks in the foam pit are covered in smooth plastic so they can be cleaned when needed.

About to slide down the car!

About to slide down the car!

This commitment to safety and cleanliness extends to the inflatables themselves — the bounce houses and slides that my kids climbed joyfully up, through, down and over the entire time we were there. Wes, one of the owners, said they refresh the replaceable parts of the inflatables once a year, which explained why everything looked brand-new — despite the fact that Hop N Happy hosted over 600 birthday parties in the past year, on top of its daily walk-in customers. (That’s a lot of foot traffic!)

My kids LOVED the foam pit!

My kids LOVED the foam pit!

Speaking of feet, be sure to bring socks when you visit! Kids are required wear socks in the foam pit and all inflatables; there are cubbies to store your shoes and any water bottles or snacks you might bring. Hop N Happy does sell snacks and drinks like sodas and juice boxes, but you are also welcome to bring your own food and drinks.

Bounce houses for kids ages five and under

Bounce houses for kids ages five and under

Hop N Happy caters to children ages 10 and under, and the first two bounce houses, right up front, are especially for younger kids, ages five and under. But all kids are welcome to enjoy any and all of the large inflatables, as well as the huge foam pit that my kids loved leaping into and clambering out of, again and again (and again). Basically, as the owner told me, at Hop N Happy, if a child can walk, they can play, even if they’re under two years old. (Infants and babies who aren’t walking yet won’t be charged admission since they won’t be playing in the inflatables.)

Note for parents of kids with special needs: My daughter, Pearl, has Down syndrome, and I knew Hop N Happy had recently hosted a Down Syndrome Association play date, so I asked for clarification on the “if they can walk, they can play” rule of thumb, as we know several kiddos who aren’t yet walking independently at age three or four. Owner Wes assured me that older kids who need assistance walking can also play in the inflatables along with their peers. On a related note, Hop N Happy now hosts a monthly meet-up for the group Austin Special Needs, when families can bring their kids before regular hours (find out more here).

Hop N Happy is family-owned and -run by Wes and Rebecca Gunn. With two young boys and a new baby, the Gunns understand all about what families need to be comfortable and have fun. To that end, the play center includes a Lounge, with comfortable tables and chairs, a TV, and free Wi-Fi (bring your laptop and get some work done while the kids play!), as well as a Mother’s Room furnished with stylish and comfy seating, changing tables, and emergency necessities for mom and baby.


A birthday party; proprietors Wes and Rebecca Gunn with their boys; the Lounge with free Wi-Fi

Hop N Happy Location:

10401 Anderson Mill Rd., Ste. 110 A
Austin, TX 78750
Ph. 512-215-0898

Open Bounce Hours:

• Monday thru Friday: 10 AM to 6 PM
• Saturday: 10 AM to 8 PM
• Sunday: 11 AM to 6 PM

Admission Fees:

• Ages 5 and under: $6.75 + tax
• Ages 6–10: $8.75 + tax
*Adults and infants are free

To save time and skip the line when you get to Hop N Happy, print your waiver form at home and bring it in with you.

Again, be sure to check out Hop N Happy on Facebook, and “Like” their page to get updates on specials and reminders for fun upcoming events.