- October 10, 2011

Ghost Town in Manor


Located just 12.5 miles northeast of Austin, J. Lorraine Ghost Town is a re-created version of a town that once stood just a few miles from present day Manor, Texas. According to the Facebook page, the town was a neutral territory for outlaws and lawmen alike until it was burned by outraged moral citizens from nearby.

The town is something of an open air event center, available to rent for parties, weddings and more.  In addition to the town structures, there is also a volleyball court, a playscape, a giant maze, horseshoes, washers and an outdoor movie screen.  As long as the entire town has not been rented, the public is welcome to visit Ghost Town for free!  

Ghost Town is officially open on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, and if you visit on those days you can often enjoy live music and movies on the big outdoor screen.  This weekend, for example, the Williamson County Sherrif’s Office will be hosting a family-friendly party with a cartoon movie on Friday, that is open to the public.  On Saturday, there will be a Halloween event with live music beginning at 6 or 7 p.m. and a family-friendly movie beginning at dark. (Neither of these events were listed on the website, so if you’d like more information, contact Melanie at 512-922-2683).

If you visit during the week, you are free to wander around the town, but there will likely be no staff on-site and some doors may be locked.  I think it would be fun to dress the kids up like cowboys and take some photos in front of the rustic buildings.  I’d also like to take my kids to check out the maze.  When we went by there on Saturday the entire town had been rented for a wedding, so all of these photos were taken from the parking lot.  I’m looking forward to going back when we can explore a bit more.

For more information about Ghost Town, visit the website or the Facebook page.  For information about upcoming free movie screenings, email [email protected].  For information about upcoming events, call Melanie at 512-922-2683.

14219 Littig Road
Manor, Texas 78653
For directions, go here.