- November 9, 2016

Get Buttered Up With Eureka’s Hot Buttered Rum This Fall!

eureka_cocktail-edition1Recently, our good friends at Eureka! had us in to try their fall cocktail lineup. We sampled three marquee cocktails that these fine folks are offering up for patrons on Sixth Street and beyond.
The crown jewel of the fall cocktail menu is certainly the Hot Buttered Rum. This decadent hot concoction is an old world favorite that’s a little too good to pass up. The ingredients speak for themselves: Sun Liquor Rum, a house made hot buttered rum batter recipe, and unsalted butter, all tied together with a cinnamon stick. They’re a must for those sub 60 degree evenings on Sixth Street.
The first time I saw the recipe for this butter-loaded wonder,  my stomach stumped a bit; when I tasted it, it felt surprisingly light. Available until November 23rd, if you find yourself out and about in the heart of downtown Austin, stop into Eureka! And give this splendid concoction a try!
We also sampled the Holy Smokes! The name says it all — this mash up of Bourbon, maple, chocolate, and hickory smoke was ALL FLAVOR. Nothing was overbearing, the bourbon and maple were most prominent, while latter notes hinted at chocolate and that great hickory smoke. This drink is serious must have for the fall/winter cocktail season.
Since having only two drinks is just no fun, we also added in the Rosemary’s Ruby Red. Imagine a top shelf Greyhound with gin instead of vodka. For someone who’s not a gin drinker, the lemon and rosemary made this drink really tasty, during whatever season it happens to be.
All three of these one of a kind drinks are best accompanied by tomato and goat cheese bruschetta, chili wings, or crispy glazed brussels sprouts, all available on the Eureka! menu. If you’re feeling extra saucy, top these cocktails off with an Americana apple crisp or chocolate torte. In other words, get to Eureka! Like now.