- August 4, 2020

Our Visit to Georgetown’s Berry Springs Park and Preserve


Berry Springs Georgetown

We recently discovered this post from 2014 and decided we just had to share it again. Berry Springs Park is a gem of Georgetown! Though the park is currently open, there may be a few difference this summer due to Covid-19. Please confirm details with Williamson County Parks and Rec if there’s something specific you’re counting on doing at the park.

When Berry Springs Park and Preserve was voted “The Best Kept Secret” in the 2010 “The Best of Georgetown” contest, I was intrigued. It had indeed been kept a secret from me.  I had no idea there was a park up north with a historic compound, a nature trail, a fishing pond, a boardwalk, gardens, and donkeys.

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And yet, life being life, it took us three years to get up to Georgetown to check it out.  When we finally made it there, one sunny Sunday afternoon, we were greeted by Poco and Amigo, the resident donkeys.  The sign on their pen invited us to give them each one treat (a carrot or an apple), or a handful of grass.
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We gave the friendly donkeys a snack and a pat on the nose, before setting off on a nature walk.  A reader on Facebook mentioned that when pecans are in season, you can get quite a haul from the many trees in the park. We’ll have to go back next fall and give that a try.
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My boys enjoyed a game of tag on the shady playground and then we wandered over to check out the Born Learning Trail.  A sign welcomed us to the interactive trail: “Do you know that learning is happening all the time?  For ways to learn together just look for the Born Learning Trail signs. By playing and exploring you help young children get ready for success in school and in life.  Together, you can turn everyday moments into learning moments. Happy Trails!”

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With butterfly nets in hand, we started down the trail but quickly got distracted looking for grasshoppers, dragonflies, and moths.  There were several picnic tables by the water, so we had a bite to eat and relaxed in the sunshine, taking photo after photo of insects posing on our fingers.

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Further down the trail there is a bird viewing area and a wildflower meadow, but we didn’t make it that far.  We also missed a visit to the nearby pond, which was, at the time, closed for construction.  It has since reopened for catch and release fishing.
You can see the map of trails and amenities below.
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Sorry, Georgetown, for spilling your secret, but Berry Springs Park is a pretty sweet spot to explore.  Next time, we’ll go prepared with fishing poles and buckets for pecan collecting.

For more information, visit the Williamson County website.

Berry Springs Park and Preserve
1801 C.R. 152
Georgetown, TX 78626
Maintenance Phone: 512-930-0040
Park Hours: 7:30 a.m. through 10 p.m.
Click here for directions