- March 13, 2012

Fun for Kids at The Natural Gardener

Stop by the Natural Gardener on an average day, and you’ll find a surprising number of kids.  Some playgroups even make it their meeting place on a regular basis.  So what makes a commercial nursery such a great place to play?

Here are 10 reasons why kids love The Natural Gardener:

1.  You get to ride around in a bright red wagon while your parent pulls you. (What kid doesn’t like that?)

2. You can watch chickens all day long.  Sit on a bench under the trees and watch chickens of all shapes and colors.  There’s a particularly interesting bantam rooster to look for.  He’s tiny but beautiful and has quite an attitude.

2.  You can swing on a wooden swing that has super long ropes.  (In quite possibly the most beautiful swinging location in Austin- right next to the herb garden and fountain.

3.  It’s great to splash around in the bird baths.

4.  The donkeys never get tired of eating clover, and its really hard to get tired of feeding them.

5.  Watching the goats butt heads when they play is amazing!

6.  They have a big rock maze (well…labyrinth)

7.  It’s fun to jangle the wind chimes at the front entrance.  They have about a dozen different kinds.

8.  It’s a great place to see dogs and cats.  Customers bring their dogs, and several cats roam the nursery. You can even see the graves of several well-loved Natural Gardener pets in the back animal cemetery.

9.  You can sit in a butterfly chair and then go next door to the butterfly garden and spot lots of butterflies.

10.  The giant tipi out back is the ultimate play house.

Note: For their own safety and the safety of others, children should not play unattended at the Natural Gardener.

The Natural Gardener is located at 8648 Old Bee Caves Road in Austin. For more information visit their website.