Free Pool Feature: Little Stacy Pool


There are few places that can draw me out of my air-conditioned comfort on days where temperatures soar up close to and over 100 degrees. With two small kids to watch over and chase after, a trip to the pool can be too stressful, especially if I am taking them on my own. While the splash pads are a great option (an option we use multiple times a week!) sometimes it is nice to be able to go and swim in a pool.  And while it is many times easier just to fill our kid pool in the back yard, with our huge tree providing summer shade, there are other magical trees scattered around Austin that summer brings us to over and over again.

Little Stacy pool, in Little Stacy Park at the end of the Blunn Creek Greenbelt, is shaded by a huge live oak – a tree that not only cools you down as you wade in the water, but that invites babies held high on shoulders to touch and explore the branches. Only a very small part of the pool gets direct sunlight, making the temperature at the pool seem significantly lower than the thermometer might suggest. Add the cooler temperatures of the water – which the parents also usually immerse themselves in while chasing after and playing with their children – and Little Stacy is a perfect escape on these hot summer days.

Open afternoons and evenings, the pool is the perfect place for the toddler and preschool crowd to cool off. The pool is shallow – a true wading pool – and only reaches two feet in the deeper end. With just one foot of water in the shallower end, even toddlers can walk comfortably around, giving both parents and children the chance to enjoy a more relaxed swim. Little Stacy was a great spot when I had just one child, but I appreciate it even more with two.

Outside the fenced off area of the pool is Little Stacy Park and playground. There’s a big playground area with slides and climbing structures and also a smaller toddler-sized area with a tunnel and a turtle to climb on. And if you get too hot on the playground, the pool is always right
there to cool you off again!

Little Stacy Park And Wading Pool
1400 Alameda Dr.
Austin, Texas

A full-time High School English teacher, Sarah spends her summers exploring with her two children, hoping to discover the many shaded spots that Austin has to offer. She writes about her adventures in motherhood on her blog, Toddler Summer.