- January 18, 2012

Free Fun at Home: DIY Puffy Paint

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My little preschooler is a boy through and through. He is loud, likes to crash cars, and is often loudly crashing cars. He doesn’t make much time for arts and crafts, unless it’s painting. For a high-energy kid, he can spend a solid 30 minutes calmly painting. So, during my never-ending quest to find activities that don’t drive me up the wall, I discovered how to make puffy paint. Using three ingredients that may already be in your home, you too can find some peace and quiet in the art of puffy painting.

You will need some white glue, shaving cream, and food coloring to mix together in a bowl.

Squirt enough glue to coat the bottom of the bowl. Add some shaving cream and mix. You may have to play around with the recipe in order to get the perfect consistency. (My son asked me if he could taste it because, I think, it looks and feels like marshmallow fluff.) Add a drop of food coloring and mix.

My three-year-old had fun painting a few three-dimensional masterpieces. He was focused on creating ghosts and I tried making flowers. Clean-up was easy and we put our art work on the fridge. 

Incidentally, a few days later, we hosted a party for 15 family members – many of them young kids. My three-year-old niece was completely fascinated with the paintings. She took them down from the fridge and carried them around the house. Luckily, I had made-up a few bags of supplies for my mommy friends, and had one leftover. Not only is this a great activity for your kids at home, it makes a creative party-favor gift bag.

By Jeanne Schwarz, my fabulous sister and the mother of my two adorable nephews, ages 3 and 11 months.