- June 5, 2012

Free Fun at Home: Backyard Water Fun


With our crazy hot summers, I’m pretty glad for all the splash padsfree pools, and municipal pools we have here in Austin.  But what about those days when you don’t feel like packing everyone in the car or when the baby naps extra long and there’s no chance to escape the house?

Here are some ideas for having creative water fun in your own backyard:

1. Play a Sprinkler game.  If your child is timid about running through the sprinkler you can have fun singing “Looby Loo” or “Hokey Pokey” together and encouraging him or her to get wet one body part at a time.

2.  Clean out some dishsoap bottles and other non-toxic squeeze containers and let your kids use them in the kiddie pool.  

 3. Sponge Balls!  Come Together Kids shows you how to make these fun water bombs with just a sponge and some twist ties.   

  4. Play sink or float in your kiddie pool or in a big storage container.  Gather a variety of items and let your child make a guess as to whether they will sink or float; toss in the items and find out whether or not they were right!

5. Fill the kiddie pool with something interesting like spaghetti or leftover Easter eggs.  I can pretty much guarantee that the slippery, slimy fun your kids have swimming around with noodles will be a summer highlight.

6. Have a floating tea party.  Set a lightweight tea tray on top of the water in the kiddie pool and let your kids float the teacups and teapot back and forth to one another while they sit in the pool.

7. Make an awesome homemade sprinkler out of PVC pipe.  Familyicious shows you how.  

8. Have a great icy raisin hunt.  Fill a large storage container with ice (maybe leftover from a party).  Throw in a few raisins or some other sweet treat and let your kids get wet and refreshed by digging through the ice to find their treats!

To find lots more creative summer fun ideas to do with your kids visit Katey’s blog Having Fun at Home.