- September 14, 2014

Free e-book: Family Fun in Austin


Readers, we think you are the bee’s knees. Thank you so much for taking the time to vote in the The Austin Chronicle Best of Austin readers’ poll. Free Fun in Austin won Best Local Blog!  It is a huge honor and we are beyond thrilled.

We want to give you a little gift, to thank you for being such a wonderful bunch.  After a year of collaborating with local writers, a photographer, editors, a graphic designer and a tech guru, we have for you… our very first e-book!

Family Fun in Austin

For this little book, Family Fun in Austin, I asked several of my favorite local bloggers to craft a sample itinerary for exploring one area of town (Downtown, UT Campus, Zilker Park, South Austin, etc.).  These were my instructions: “Imagine you have out-of-town guests coming to visit for one day, and they are bringing their kids. You want to show the family the very best time in your assigned area of Austin. What would you do? Where would you eat? Where would you stop for a treat?”  The result was a magical mix of (mostly) free and budget-friendly fun to be found in every corner of Austin. (We did sneak in a few splurge-worthy destinations, because it’s nice to know your options when company comes to town.)

Want to check out the authors’ recommendations?  There are several ways to read Family Fun in Austin:

Online – Read the book online for free! From this link, you can also save the book to your computer or print it for free, if you would like a hard copy.  This version will always be FREE. (If you would prefer to read Family Fun in Austin as an online magazine, with a double-page spread — as opposed to single page view — you can also do that for free on Issuu. But, please note that Issuu charges for printing.)

On a Kindle – You can find the Kindle version here. This version is $2.99. Please note: If you have an older Kindle that does not have a touch screen, the hyperlinks will not work. Using the free Kindle app or the free Kindle Cloud Reader would be a better bet for you.

On a Nook – You can also purchase the ebook to read on a Nook for $2.99.

I hope you enjoy reading Family Fun in Austin and you come away with a list of exciting new places to visit!

A big thanks to the amazing ladies who made this e-book possible:

And an extra special thanks to you, for reading!