- December 10, 2014

Foster a Dog This Christmas


Austin Pets Alive! is looking for big-hearted local families with some extra love to share this Christmas. Through a temporary foster program called Home for the Holidays, APA! hopes to find Christmas homes for the dogs who spent the holidays in the shelter last year. Does your home have room for one more this Christmas?

Dogs you can bring home include:

  • Santana: Santana is an adorable, shy young lady (3-years) looking for a family that will help her blossom into the truly affectionate gal we have seen glimpses of.
  • Baby: Baby is a 5-year-old brindle beauty that loves her walks so much she will bring her leash to you to remind you it’s time to go out.
  • Willie: Willie is a 3-year-old guy with perfect puppy dog eyes training for his Canine Good Citizen test.
  • Trevor: Trevor is an APA! senior whose hips hurt sometimes… but that doesn’t keep him from the bliss of pouncing on a new toy.
  • Maybe: Maybe is an active, intelligent little lady who can be a little timid but is a cuddle bug with anyone who earns her trust.
  • Winnie: Winnie knows how to sit, stay, come and lay down and is an energetic love-bug who won’t want to leave your side.
  • Brodie: Brodie is a bilingual mastermind with all kinds of tricks up his sleeve. He promises to love that one special person forever.
  • Nikki: Nikki is a versatile 14 pound lady with enough energy to kick the house up a notch but enough patience to lounge on your lap.
  • Carson: Carson is a 3-year-old boy that loves a good “make-out sesh” (aka lots of slobbery face kisses) and good long walks full of interesting smells.
  • Ned: Ned is a loyal sweetheart who will want to get to know you before going home with you, but once he does… he’s yours for life.
  • Sorullo: Sorullo is an awkward, goofball of a boy who is learning social skills quickly.
  • Buck: Buck’s an active guy with an Olympic high leap looking for an energetic family.
  • Lolli: Lolli is a 2-year-old sweetheart who can either be the life of the party or a couch potato with her loving human.
  • Lassie: Lassie is an explorer at heart- but she stops dead in her explorer tracks when you call her name, sprinting joyfully back to her human on command.
  • Pancho: Pancho is a social, playful guy who loves to swim and can entertain himself in a pool for hours.
  • Brock: Brock is a buff, handsome man who does the whole body wiggle-waggle when someone says hello.
  • Loverboy: Loverboy is our one-eyed-man with the heart of a hero. He will make you melt the moment you see what he does when you say, “Bang, you’re dead!”
  • Max: Max is the complete package: house trained, crate trained and most importantly, a perfect wing man for the active, outdoorsy type.
  • Cosmo: Cosmo is a 13-year-old treasure who loves to lounge but is definitely up for a game of fetch.
  • Azura: Azura is a sweet girl who wants to curl up on your feet and stay by your side through thick and thin.
  • Choco: Choco is a sixty pound guy who thinks he was built for your lap and loves kiddos.
  • Lucky: Lucky is the jackpot: he seems housetrained, walks politely on a leash, knows all kinds of helpful commands, and wants a loving, active somebody to call his own.
  • Lily: Lily is a spunky not-so-little lady whose babies have all found their forever home… and she certainly deserves the same.
  • Rock It: Rock It is a polite and confident woman who love, love, loves a good jog (followed by an exhausted cuddle).
  • Tyler: Tyler is a rock-star on the leash who loves the ladies… though he starts out as the shy, handsome and irresistible type.
  • Hans: Hans is a stocky guy, but don’t let his buff-bod fool you: he’s a smart, curious guy excited to learn new things.
  • Kiera: Kiera is an 86-pound beauty that just wants to chill out in a bed and have someone run a brush through her long, gorgeous locks.
  • Drumstick: Drumstick is a playful, intelligent guy who has spent most of his life at a shelter and would love to know what a home is like.
  • Barney: Barney is all ready for his Canine Good Citizen test… but let’s just say he’d rather snuggle up with you than anything else in the world.
  • Rusty Sledge: Rusty Sledge might be deaf, but he knows hand signals like a champ. Not to mention, he’s house trained and a bouncy, playful spirit who is fun to just watch.
  • Diego: Diego is a handsome debonair who shows his true goofball colors in the play yard- bouncing around, getting stuck between legs, panting endlessly.
  • Wifi: Wifi can play all day- in the play yard, in the back yard, in the living room. This active guy wants to have fun, and he would love to have fun with you.
  • Mattie: Mattie is quirky and playful and makes a wonderful house guest, reminding you just how fun life can be when you let it.
  • Vickie: Vickie is a shining example of what love can do for a dog: once on the euthanasia list because she wasn’t interested in people, now she will melt against your leg and look to you for a rousing game with her beloved toys.
  • Romeo: Romeo has spent more than half his life in a shelter and just wants someone to tell him exactly where he’s allowed to cuddle with you. Not to mention someone to cover with big slobbery kisses.

Please contact [email protected] for more information on how to get involved in this great opportunity. 

For more information, visit Austin Pets Alive!