EVIL GENIUS ALERT: Austin Dude Scams Rides With Promise Of Free Franklin BBQ


A man has been posing as Pit Master of Franklin BBQ to scam rideshare drivers into giving him free rides in exchange for a later-day hook-up at the world-famous restaurant, according to Austin NBC affiliate KXAN-TV.

The man, who Franklin now believes is named Shorn Ratcliff, reportedly poses as “Shawn” or “Chris.” He has allegedly conned at least 10 drivers into believing that their arrival at Franklin’s will be met with an effusive shower of expensive meat by a grateful line-cook whose butt they saved one time — only, that never happens.

Instead, it’s something more like this…


Franklin Staff have fielded repeated inquiries into the whereabouts of Shawn/Chris from confused victims of the scam. Unsurprisingly, there’s no such thing as a free lunch at Texas’ most popular BBQ joint. Don’t forget, even President Obama had to pay to cut in line (he bought everyone’s lunch, FYI). And let’s not even start dissecting the time Franklin’s BBQ line was just a little too much for Kanye West.

In addition to weaseling rides out of BBQ-desperate drivers along the east-side corridor, the man allegedly committing this con is also said to have shared stories of a supposedly cancer-stricken daughter. He’s even donned an apron and hitched rides straight from the Franklin BBQ parking lot, according to sources that spoke to KXAN.

Apparently, he likes the White Horse and Mueller area, and is highly convincing once you give him a chance to lay down his spiel. Rideshare drivers in particular should be thinking twice before trading labor, time, and gas for the promise of meaty vittles. Oscar

The featured image atop this post, courtesy of King Bee, shows the man Franklin believes to be working this scam. The BBQ joint requests that if you see this man you contact police, or at minimum not give him a ride.

Consider yourself warned, Austin.