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Vortex Based Mathmatics & The Rodin Coil: Redefining the Conservation of Momentum and Energy

May 27, 2016 @ 7:00 pm

Marko Rodin, inventor of the Rodin Coil, will be presenting LIVE at Brave New Books on Friday, May 27th. Rodin is in town for the Breakthrough Energy Movement conference, where he will join the stage with other innovative speakers. This is an incredible opportunity to learn about his breakthrough invention in a very interpersonal/ small group environment. Come on out for this FREE event to discover a disruptive technology that has the potential to transform the world!

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6:30-7pm Meet & Greet
7pm Presentation by Marko Rodin, inventor of the Rodin Coil
8pm Social Hour, Networking, & Questions


When a Rodin Coil transformer receives 50 watts input it creates a 250 watts output!

The Rodin Coil redefines the conservation of momentum and energy. It has a perfectly stable voltage output. It can be stacked and looped for larger power needs. Cheap to manufacture and costs only pennies when mass produced!

You can run a business or a home or an entire industrial complex. Entirely off-grid with no solar, wind turbine, or batteries required!

Can easily produce easily 5, 10 or 15 kilowatts output of electrical power. The Rodin Coil Over Unity Energy Amplifier turns milliamps into kilowatts!

Multiple Rodin Coil’s can be looped and stacked stacked together for greater power output. This is truly portable power that can be taken anwhere from underground or into outer space!

Uses entirely off-the-shelf components, requires no special tooling and uses no exotic or proprietary materials. Can run a refrigerator, electric oven, 3 ton air-conditioner, 55″ Television set, washer and dryer, computer and household lights all simultaneously!

There are many profound applications that the Rodin Coil can be utilized for, from antennas, laptops, mobile phones, electric vehicle to even a space power propulsion system. The Rodin Coil Transformer Over Unity Energy Amplifier is a renewable resource because it is self-sustaining, works without being plugged into any power source and runs continuously in isolation. Once turned on there is no need to turn it off!

Interested in the topic of free energy? Register for the full Global Breakthrough Energy conference, featuring innovative speakers on various topics. The Breakthrough Energy Conference will be taking place May 28th and 29th in Bastrop, Texas.
Register here:


May 27, 2016
7:00 pm


Brave New Books


Brave New Books
1904 Guadalupe St Suite B
Austin, TX 78705 United States

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Attention: The Austin.com Calendar is for online events only at this time. Please avoid public gatherings until further notice.