- June 27, 2012

Escape the Summer Heat with Winter Walk


The triple digits are here and they don’t look like they’ll be going anywhere for a while. That’s tough news for many Austinites to swallow because we tend to be active and it’s hard for us to stay indoors.  But at this time of the year, there are only two things that will get me outside in the middle of the day: necessity and water.

I’ll venture to a pool, lake, river or spring to cool down, but what I really long for during the hottest, longest days of the summer is to feel, just for a little while, the chill of a blustery winter day.

If you would like to find yourself transported to cooler climes I highly recommend playing Winter Walk. This adorable app has a simple premise: walk as far as you can without having the gusty wind blow your top hat off.

The controls are intuitively simple and match the experience of taking a winter constitutional nicely. Imagine having a thick wool coat buttoned up around your chin, hands stuffed deeply in you pockets to protect your hands from the chapping, biting cold.  You’d only take your hands out of your pockets if your hat was just about to blow off. 

“That quite upskittled me.”

It’s this last minute reaction that forms the basis of the game’s controls- just as your hat is about to blow off you have to quickly press the screen and hold it until the wind has subsided. 

Additional entertainment value is offered by the slightly mercurial musings and subtle, grumbling longings of your character which appear as text on the screen. This app is an instant classic in the same vein as the best pixar movies (e.g. Toy Story).   It’s fun and silly in a way that even young children will love, but there’s a depth to the comments and vocabulary which will only be appreciated by adults.

While Winter Walk is available and quite enjoyable on tablets, it is primarily a phone app. It’s available for both Android and Apple devices, making it great for those busy moments when parents need a quick distraction.

There’s a link to the app store on the home screen of Winter Walk so you’ll have to watch out for that unless you use the Famigo Sandbox to create a safe digital environment on your mobile device.  The newest version of the Sandbox is now available, and to thank you for downloading it, there’s another free app waiting for you in Manage Mode. Just follow the tutorial and enjoy!


Matt McDonnell is currently pursuing his J.D. at the University of Texas School of Law, having already earned his MBA at the College of Charleston. With a varied past as an elementary school teacher, Outward Bound sailing instructor, and non-profit administrator he does a little bit of everything at Famigo.