- March 28, 2013

Easter Egg Hunt at the Capitol


On Saturday, March 30, 2013, First United Methodist Church will host its annual Easter Egg Hunt and Picnic on the Texas State Capitol grounds at Colorado and 12th Street. First Church and the Easter Bunny invite the community to join them at 11 a.m. for a B.Y.O.Picnic and family fun. Egg Hunt times are 12:00 p.m. for preschool children and 12:45 p.m. for elementary children.

Local blogger Sarah W. took her children to the picnic last year and was kind enough to share her photos and experience with us.

In Washington, D.C. they have the Easter egg roll on the White House lawn. In Austin, we have the Easter egg hunt on the Capitol grounds. I’ve never attended the festivities in D.C., but last year I took my three kids to our Capitol, and I would bet it rivals what’s going on in the nation’s capital.

We started our adventure in the early afternoon around 11:00am with a picnic lunch on the Capitol’s west lawn. Important note: the egg hunt takes place on the west lawn at Colorado and 12th Street. You can find metered parking along Colorado or one block away on Lavaca, but make sure you bring change! These are state-sanctioned meters and they do not accept bills or cards. Now that we have the logistics down, grab your blankets and your baskets and get ready for a wild hunt.

There was a local band playing while we munched our peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and apples, and conversation centered around the big question of the day: when do we get to look for the eggs? After 20 rounds of “When do we get to look for the eggs?” there was an announcement directing the little kids (the hunt is divided into pre- and elementary school age groups) to gather on an adjacent hill and wait for the horn to sound the start of the hunt. Finally!

Waiting patiently–or as patiently as possible for toddlers–for the search to begin, I watched my son hold his little sister’s hand and then guide her down the hill to the action. Of course, there were at least 100 other kids (maybe I’m exaggerating, but maybe not) who also “guided” themselves down the hill, so it was quite a frenzy at first. But don’t worry–there’s a suggested five egg maximum per kid, and everyone was in good spirits and willing to share and help out the smaller ones. After gathering and inspecting their loot, it was time to crack open those plastic eggs (at last!).

My son hates chocolate (go figure), so he quickly negotiated with his sister to swap Hershey’s eggs for jelly beans and Jolly Ranchers. My older daughter, who was 21 months at the time, was quite delighted with this prospect. In fact, her discovering chocolate was one of the highlights of the afternoon. Another highlight was the would-be photo op of my three children in their springtime garb with the majestic Capitol, grounds gleaming from brightly-colored plastic eggs, looming in the background (eat your heart out, D.C.). But that never happened. The older two were too deep into candy negotiations to humor me with a silly pose while the youngest (two months then) slept through the whole thing. Another thing that didn’t happen, at least for us, was an actual Easter bunny sighting. Perhaps he showed up after the big kid hunt, but we missed it. No bother though because the delicious candy surprises inside the radiant eggs were all we needed for an amazing afternoon. Besides, there’s always this year…and I’m still determined to get that perfect picture (wink!).

For more information on the Capitol egg hunt, along with other great Easter events, click here.

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