Drunk Kardashian Friend Blac Chyna Arrested In Austin

Model Blac Chyna, also known as Angela Renée White, 27, was arrested Friday at the Austin airport for drunken and disorderly conduct and possession of a controlled substance under four grams.

Bystanders said Chyna fought with a flight attendant, calling her a “nasty ass bitch” and was “heavily intoxicated” and acting like “a drunken fool” prior to her arrest.

“Y’all got no respect for me,” she said, according to a witness who spoke with celebrity gossip blog TMZ. “I gotta tie my shoes. Let me tie my Yeezy’s.”

“Yeezy’s” are what rapper Kanye West calls his style of Adidas tennis shoes.

Chyna has been the focus on media attention lately due to her relationship with Rob Kardashian, brother to Chyna’s former best friend Kim Kardashian, who is married to rapper Kanye West. Chyna is also known for having a child with rapper Tyga, who is currently dating Kim’s sister, Kylie Jenner, daughter of none other than Caitlyn Jenner.

For those and other reasons, the relatively recent relationship between Rob and Chyna has been cause for some rather public consternation among the reality TV family. “All the sisters are united and think Rob is being disloyal,” an unnamed source told E! News. “They want him to be happy, but they’re just so over the whole thing.”

Chyna was apparently released from jail within hours. Later that night, Rob Kardashian published a photo of Chyna on Instagram, apparently taken from a Facetime session following her arrest. She responded by sharing an image with the hashtag “#FreeChyna,” and a caption that reads, “When Zaddy holds u down no matter what.”

Chyna’s arrest is the second time this week that Kardashian-related drama has centered in Austin. Just days ago, The New York Times recounted a story about the time Kanye tried and failed at cutting the line at Franklin BBQ, only to see his desire for Austin’s most sought-after meat denied.