Artist H.D. Stone: Austin Is A Pool Of Creative Talent Like No Other


Austin prides itself as a great place for entrepreneurs, and one of the many folks blazing that trail is H.D. Stone, a.k.a. Blue Osiris, my guest on this week’s episode of “Day Drinkin’ with Arcie Cola and”

Stone’s company, Blue Djinn Studios, does everything from graphic design to web pages to music videos. They’ll even print your T-shirts! In addition to running his own media company, Stone is a filmmaker and artist in his own right, as the music video links on the Blue Djinn website display.

I asked Stone what he likes about having a creative business in Austin, and he enthusiastically replied that there is “an amazing pool of local artists to work and collaborate with” here, and that he always finds someone “to exchange ideas and accomplish goals” with.

Of course, there are challenges in the fast-paced world of digital media, and Stone admits that it’s difficult to keep up with ever-changing technology. However, “the plus side is tech usually becomes faster and cheaper,” he explained, “quickly making it affordable to produce quality projects for clients.”

Stone has big plans, too: He soon to release his first music EP, a documentary about popular Vine users, and move Blue Djinn Studios into a larger space by next spring. Those are certainly ambitious goals, but nobody said Austin was just for slackers!

You can follow Stone on Twitter @BlueOsiris7, and on Vine at Blue.Osiris. Of course, don’t forget to follow Arcie Cola and on Twitter as well!