- April 13, 2016

delivery.com Expands in Texas with Acquisition of Austin’s BrewDrop

Austin’s BrewDrop app will see some new changes soon, now that it’s been acquired by delivery.com. The new acquisition will help delivery.com expand its beverage delivery service, as well as break into Texas markets that include Austin, Houston, and Dallas.

BrewDrop emerged as a local startup in 2014 when Andrew Bell, Matthew Bell, and Sergio Trevino founded the app to connect local liquor stores with customers.

In a profile that we wrote about BrewDrop in 2014, Matthew, cofounder, president and chief operating officer explained BrewDrop’s operations:

“It’s easiest to characterize us as a technology company. We don’t deliver anything, we don’t sell anything. We are the technology between the liquor stores and the customers. Liquor stores are local businesses, and our focus is on local businesses. We were born and raised in Austin, so our leading mantra is to support local business by providing the technology for them to reach more customers.”

Matthew will now become the Director of Market Development for delivery.com, helping to expand services throughout Texas. According to a press release, delivery.com expects its alcohol-ordering customer base to increase by 10% after the acquisition.

Though based out of New York, delivery.com seems to have the same “buy local” attitude as BrewDrop:

delivery.com empowers the neighborhood economy by enabling customers to order online from their favorite local restaurants, grocery stores, wine and spirits shops, and laundry and dry cleaning providers. Every day, delivery.com customers explore their communities and order from more than 12,000 local businesses while at home, at work, or on the go.

Having life’s necessities, booze and food, delivered to us in a matter of minutes is nothing new to Austinites, which means a clunky transition to the new app just won’t do. delivery.com assures customers that the transition to the new app will be easy, and that customers will also soon have access to a network of restaurants, dry cleaners, and grocery stores, in addition to the liquor stores. The BrewDrop website already redirects to delivery.com, though the app doesn’t appear to have made the switch just yet.

Of course, it’s not a free market without a little bit of competition, and in a town like Austin, there are plenty of other sites and apps in the booze delivery game. Learn more about them in our post Here’s the 10 Easiest Ways to Get Liquor, Beer, and Wine Delivered in Austin. Which of these services is your favorite?


Featured image from BrewDrop.com