- October 13, 2014

Wiped Out Or Hung Over? This Austin Doctor Can Fix You Quick


Alcohol and the outdoors: Two things the average Austinite definitely loves. But for even the healthiest human, playing hard and drinking hard can lead to dehydration, exhaustion, and horrible hangovers. That’s where Hydrate Austin comes in.

Hydrate Austin, housed at the family medical practice Downtown Doctor on Fifth Street, offers what they call “hydration services.” No, that does not mean they sell water. Hydrate Austin is all about getting you feeling better in minutes, not hours. They accomplish this with a blend of fluids (electrolytes, vitamins and, if applicable, prescription medicines) administered intravenously. It’s like a shot of unadulterated WAKE UP, straight to your bloodstream.

“Sometimes just drinking water isn’t enough,” Freeman, who has over a decade of medical experience, told Austin.com. “With this, you get a whole day of your life back.”

Don’t worry, it barely hurts. Getting hydrated is no more painful than getting blood drawn. Dr. Georgeanne Freeman, who opened Downtown Doctor in 2010 and Hydrate Austin a year and a half ago, says it’s usually just slightly more painful than a mosquito bite. Considering the results she produces, it’s totally worth the minor discomfort. Most people feel an 80 percent improvement in their symptoms in about 45 minutes, with positive effects continuing throughout the next day.

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Dr. Georgeanne Freeman of Hydrate Austin. Photo: Rebecca L. Bennett.

Freeman’s business idea blossomed after she heard of a doctor in Las Vegas offering rehydration services to cure hangovers. Freeman had been providing IVs for athletes and patients with nausea and vomiting for years, but applying them to the after effects of booze was new. So, she flew out to Vegas to discuss the idea with him. Both doctors agreed that alcohol hangovers are not taken seriously enough in the medical community, despite so many people experiencing them, and a business was born. Bonus: Because Freeman is a competitive swimmer, many of her fellow swimmers and even triathletes adopted Hydrate Austin to get back up to speed after intense competitions or workouts.

Before Hydrate Austin, anyone with chronic dehydration would be directed to an emergency room for IV fluids. That’s all changed now, thanks to Freeman’s pioneering business. Of course, Freeman’s equipment is every bit as cutting edge as what you will find in a hospital, but the Downtown Doctor environment is much more relaxed.

Hydrate Austin’s services are also much less expensive than visiting a hospital, even if you’re insured. Individual treatments start at $189 without insurance, but Freeman said many of her patients are insured and only ever shell out a copay.

“Austin is a hotbed for people who are athletic, and it’s just hot,” she said. “So, lots people are running around chronically and acutely dehydrated. It’s also a college town with an environment that encourages partying.”

And we know what that leads to.

So, party and exercise on, Austinites. But once you start feeling the heat, or the drink, make sure to keep Hydrate Austin’s number handy. You won’t regret it.


Featured photo: Rebecca L. Bennett.