- June 15, 2016

Austin Metal Band Darkness;Ending Gets Aggressive, Brutal, And Passionate On ‘Bullhead’



Darkness;Ending is a metal act from Austin that turns the sound way up, with a heavy style comparable to Korn, Cold, and Breaking Benjamin. At their best, this is a band that takes hold of each listener with blistering guitar riffs made from the stuff of greatness, and their newest track is no exception.

Founded in 2012, the group writes on their ReverbNation profile that the members don’t treat each other like strangers, but like brothers, which helps their sounds meld together so well. It’s clear from the riffs they produce, too. Their familiarity seeps into the music and reflects an unwavering passion for heavy metal.

With tracks such as “Bullhead,” Darkness;Ending sound ready to perform in arenas. Their aggressive-but-melodic tunes are just too big for most of the small clubs in Austin’s music scene. But maybe that plays to their advantage, since Darkness;Ending is clearly a group that wants to make a big impression on whomever happens to discover them.

Darkness;Ending will be releasing a new album titled Unkindness of Ravens this summer. Take a listen to a live version of “Bullhead” from SXSW 2016 by clicking the picture above.